Figure Spotlight #12 – Dark Phoenix

Marvel Universe Dark PhoenixAfter Jean Grey experiences the limitless power available via the Phoenix force, she manifests herself into the ‘Dark Phoenix’ and devours a sun.  With the aid of this Marvel Universe figure you can recreate this right in your own living room!  Dark Phoenix was packaged with a Cyclops figure as part of the Marvel Universe comic-packs.

This is the 2nd Jean Grey figure in the Marvel Universe line, and is easily the best.  The ‘Jim Lee costume’ version of Jean, part of the first 2010 wave, is a horrible figure.  Dark Phoenix, on the other hand is quite good.  The costume and deco are perfect.  My only nitpick with the figure is in the face sculpt; she doesn’t look very evil…or angry.  I haven’t read ‘the Dark Phoenix’ saga in some time, but as I recall, Dark Phoenix was kinda angry.  It would have been nice for her to be more expressive.  However, the neutral expression does facilitate repaints down the road.  While a green Phoenix repaint would seem the most obvious, Hasbro has teased a ‘White Phoenix’ repaint in their own Q&A.

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