Figure Spotlight #6 – Lego Fisherman

Lego FishermanI spent about 30 minutes of my day today at the Lego store feeling mini-figs in an attempt to complete my series 3 collection.  I’ve now moved to using a combination of feeling and the dots to discern the contents of the package.  I already miss barcodes and I’m afraid of the system Lego will develop for series 4.  But for today’s spotlight, lets take a brief look at the fisherman.

The fisherman is the sort of thing that makes me stand in the Lego store for half an hour feeling packages.  The figure is everything you would hope it to be and is completely satisfying.  The obligatory orange overalls, a fluffy white beard and a blue knit cap make the fisherman’s outfit.  He is accessorized with a fishing pole (with line) and the catch of the day.  I really like how Lego included an actual line with the figure and how you can ‘catch’ the fish.  Its a great touch to a rather inexpensive figure; the sort of thing that keeps people coming back for more.

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