Last Transformers Q&A for 2010

You know the deal –  I ask some questions (with some help from my pals at and Hasbro / Hunter PR provide some answers.  Lets look at the latest installment, and if you have a question you’d like to see asked; leave me a comment!

1)  We’ve seen that the upcoming Battle in Space two-pack includes a Matrix of Leadership accessory, but the included figures do not have hands that are compatible with it. Why was it decided to include an extra piece in this set that neither toy is able to directly interact with?
Ultimately, the decision to include the Matrix of Leadership was made due to our goal to tell the story of how Rodimus came into a leadership position within the Autobot ranks and his epic battle against Cyclonus and the Decepticon armies.  While the Matrix does not fit into the figure’s hands, we felt that it was a key element of the story and wanted kids to begin to understand its importance to the lore of Transformers.

2)  Classics Cyclonus gave us a taste of a modern Targetmaster; any chance that we’ll be seeing any Headmasters in the near future?

There are no plans to release any of the classic “headmasters” in the near future.

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