Figure Spotlight 87 – Mummy Robot

Mummy Robot

Series: Doctor Who Classics, 2nd series

Release Date: 2/2010

Comments: As I make my way through wave 2 of the Doctor Who classics figures, today we’re looking at a figure that’s previously been available – the robot Mummy from ‘Pyramids of Mars’.  Originally available in a 4th Doctor boxset, he is now available carded; the canopic jar is unique for this release.

The robot Mummy is a great example how sometimes, less is more.  Despite having rather substandard articulation; this figure is just about perfect.  On-screen the Mummy robots didn’t move a whole lot, so really this figure is quite screen accurate.  ‘Pyramids of Mars’ is such a top-notch episode that the ‘monster’ selection accommodates some for the simplicity of the design.

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