Figure Spotlight 100 – 7th Doctor’s TARDIS

The 7th Doctor’s TARDIS

Series: Doctor Who Classics

Release Date: 5/2010

Yesterday was the 4th Doctor’s TARDIS and now we leapfrog to the 7th’s.  I think today’s spotlight is going to be shorter than yesterday’s since its pretty much the same.  This TARDIS included a repaint of the 7th Doctor figure; this time in a darker jacket.  Since the figure is 95% the same, I’m not dealing with him in this spotlight.

So – 7th Doctor’s TARDIS. Well the box says “Curse of Fenric” but it really isn’t (see here – its really more Logopolis).  Again the TARDIS has nothing inside it, a black piece of cardboard would be nice.  This TARDIS does have one extra feature – a little phone behind the door in the door!  Its very specific to “Delta and the Bannermen” – but also very cool.  Again, I could complain about a $50 exclusive not measuring up, but I’m not going to.  I love it, its great, give me more!  I’d love a B&W Hartnell one!

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