Figure Spotlight 99 – 4th Doctor TARDIS

The 4th Doctor’s TARDIS

Series: Doctor Who Classics

Release Date: 5/2010

Building on yesterday’s spotlight on “An Unearthly Child” First Doctor, let’s turn an eye to the 4th Doctor’s TARDIS.  This TARDIS also included a 4th Doctor figure, but since it’s 100% the same 4th Doctor that’s already been released, I’m ignoring it.

So – classic TARDIS.  On one hand, I totally love it.  I mean, its the TARDIS, like I watched on PBS.  It is way better than the Dapol TARDIS, and it is undeniably a 4th Doctor era TARDIS.  But on the other hand, for a $50 toy which includes a duplicate figure, there’s a few nitpicks.  Firstly, the box says this TARDIS is from “Planet of Evil”; but this TARDIS really isn’t accurate to that episode.  You can see details of the problems here, but it would have been better to just label it a 4th Doctor TARDIS.  Also, open the door and there’s nothing there.  Granted its sorta screen accurate, but an image of the classic control room would have been cool or a black backdrop would have been ok as well.  Finally, the sound effects kinda suck.

Ok, so that last paragraph turned into me whining, but really…I do adore this TARDIS.  This is a toy (and actually all of Doctor Who Classics) that I’d never thought I’d have.  It really is too bad that these were so hard to get a hold of.

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