Figure Spotlight 97 – 7th Doctor

7th Doctor

Series: Doctor Who Classics

Release Date: 3/2010

I haven’t written one of these in quite some time, but it’s also been awhile since I’ve picked up anything that I’ve been really excited about.  Until last month when the 7th Doctor and Imperial Dalek set was dropped off by the UPS guy.  I know there are plenty of fans who discount the McCoy era of Who; but to them I have 3 words: “curse”, “of” and “Fenric”.  Also, with this release all the classic BBC television Doctors have now been issued in plastic.  This release of the 7th is essentially a one time deal, so once they’re gone…that’s it.

Lets take a closer look at the figure, shall we?  This first release of the 7th features his first costume with the lighter jacket over his question mark sweater.  A darker jacket version will be released in May with a 7th era TARDIS.  What really stands out on this figure are the details in the deco…the pattern on the pants, the paisley scarf, the details on the tie.  They’re all very well executed and look very clean.  The figure’s articulation is on par with expectations, nothing particularly interesting to discuss there.  Actually, there’s just one problem with this figure…he’s just too darn happy.  I know that the first year of the McCoy era was lighter than the previous Baker era…but the ear to ear grin is a bit off putting.  The good news is – there is a more serious faced (and hatless) sculpt coming, the bad news is that it is rumored to be part of the 11 Doctors set planned for later this year.  So while I’m thrilled to have a 7th Doctor – I do wish they had included a 2nd head with a more serious expression and I wish that the version coming with the TARDIS wasn’t a straight repaint.

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