Figure Spotlight 95 – Piledriver


Series: Secret Wars 2-packs, Marvel Universe

Release Date: 1/2010

The 3rd and final 2-pack in wave 3 is Marvel’s Piledriver and Hawkeye.  I say “Marvel’s Piledriver” as that is what’s on the blister card, clearly Hasbro had a trademark issue with just the name Piledriver.  There is now just one wave of Secret Wars packs to hit retail.

Piledriver is a member of the Wrecking Crew, having gotten his powers by being struck by lightning while holding to the Wrecker’s magic crowbar.  Yes, magic crowbar.  Origin aside, this figure of Piledriver is pretty good.  There aren’t any specific faults or issues, nor are there any features that are particullarly compelling.  If Piledriver had been released on a single card, he would have been left on the pegs.

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