Figure Spotlight 92 – Ultron


Series: Secret Wars 2packs, Marvel Universe

Release Date: 1/2010

Comments: Yesterday I took a disapproving look at Ultron’s blister-mate Reed Richards.  I am glad to say that Ultron more than makes up for Reed’s short-comings.

Ultron is a very simple figure – great scupt, good articulation, great deco.  I really love the silver finish on this figure; much like their concept IG-88 figure, it just looks sharp.  The sculpt is comic-accurate, reflecting the simple, yet effective design.  One piece of criticism is that Ultron’s shoulder pads are prone to falling off, but this is likely by design so as to avoid restricting shoulder articulation.  I’m not sure when (if ever) HASBRO would toss an Ultron in the main Universe line, so your best bet is to pick up this 2-pack to add Ultron to your collection.  Maybe you could donate Reed or swap his head on someone else’s body.

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