Figure of the Day 73 – Magneto


Series: Marvel Universe; Secret Wars Comic 2-packs
Availability: 2009
Comments: The second wave of the “Secret Wars” comic 2-packs for the Marvel Universe line are here. This time around, figures are packaged with issues 4, 7 and 8 of the 12 issue limited series. Magneto was packaged with Spider-Man in his black costume and issue 8 of the series.

It had to happen to someone in the wave.  Unfortunately for the master of magnetism, he is the worst figure in this wave of comic packs.  And that’s no small feat, considering this wave includes of a straight repack (Hulk) and a repaint of a character from wave 1 (Spider-man).  But Magneto just has a few problems that leave him a little short.  And lets start there – he’s too short.  Mags should tower over Wolverine; he doesn’t.  Another problem is the sculpted cape; specifically the sculpted fold.  It just doesn’t work for me…it doesn’t look like its blowing or anything, it looks like someone starched and ironed that fold into his cape.  The headsculpt is good, except his helmet is not removable.  Unlike Spider-Woman who Hasbro just got right (more or less), Magneto is a figure of missed opportunities.

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