Figure of the Day 23 – Dalek (Saucer Commander)

Dalek (Saucer Commander)

Series: Doctor Who Classics
Release Date: 2009
Comments: For the 2009 San Diego Comic-con Underground Toys offered 4 2-packs from their Doctor Who Classics line.  These packs were the 1st Doctor with a Dalek or the 2nd Doctor with a Cyberman.  Each of these packs came in your choice of color (pictured) or black and white (just like on TV!).

Inspiration for this figure is from the episode “Dalek Invasion of Earth” where the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan land in 22nd century London to find the Earth has been taken over by the evil Daleks.  Underground Toys / Character Options have really nailed their Dalek toy releases.  The paint job is clean and simple, with all the domes on the base having paint.  They even went the extra mile and sculpted on a small saucer on the back of the Dalek, just as featured in the episode.  While I would have rather these SDCC exclusives had been “Doctor + companion” packs; the Dalek does not disappoint.   A second picture is shown after the jump.

1st Doctor and Dalek

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