Figure of the Day 20 – Ralph Wiggum

Ralph Wiggum

Series:  The Simpsons; World of Springfield
Release Date: 2001
Comments:  Ralph Wiggum was released in the 4th wave of Playmates’ World of Springfield line, during the line’s heyday.  Each figure contained a chip in its foot which would allow the figure to interact with playsets and generate a character specific voice clip.  These chips were actually resistors; Ralph had resistance values of 6.8k Ohm and 62k Ohm.

While this is one of my favorite Simpsons figures (one of only a few to survive an ebay purge), there’s nothing really that special about him.  His sculpt is average, the articulation is on par with other figures in the line (a.ka. basic), and the deco is simple.  Of course this is all saved by the fact that he’s Ralph Wiggum and therefore worthy of display.  I choo-choo-choose Ralph to stay in my collection!

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