Figure of the Day 19 – Hockey Snoopy Capsule Toy

Hockey Snoopy

Series: Sports Series Snoopy Capsule Toys
Release Date: 2008
Comments: I picked up this hockey playing Snoopy figure while on a trip to San Fransisco, at Giant Robot.  These capsule toys are imported from Japan, making the included pamphlet difficult to read if you don’t know Japanese.  Other figures in this assortment include, Charlie Brown (baseball), Woodstock (baseball), Sally (tennis), Peppermint Patty (soccer) and Linus (basketball).

There isn’t much to talk about here, the toy has a good likeness to Snoopy and the paint job is clean.  I like the included base / backdrop – if I had other figures in the series the bases could connect together.  As a fan of both Snoopy and hockey, this was a natural fit for me and is a souvenir of my trip that I actually look at and appreciate.

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