Figure of the Day 15 – He-Man


Series: Masters of the Universe (2002)
Release Date: 2002
Comments:Everything old will be new again, or at least that’s the way it seems in the toy aisle.  Given the onmipresence of Transformers, GI Joe, Barbie; formerly successful toy lines are often given a second (or third) chance of life.  Afterall, why develop a whole new universe when there is a ripe mine of fiction already available?  In the early 2000’s Mattel revisited the Masters of the Universe line with mixed results.

He-Man is an example of what they got right.  A fantastic update of the classic figure.  No longer is he super muscular and stumpy, now he is super muscular and standing tall!  The details on the figure are great, and while the articulation is somewhat limited, it is typical of its day.  I have only two negative criticisms for this figure.  Firstly, the action feature (twist his torso to make him punch!) results in a very obvious waist joint.  Secondly, his head is unnaturally pushed forward (perhaps he should hold off on working the traps at the gym.  These two quibbles aside; this is my definitive He-Man figure and I have no need to buy another He-Man in my life.

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