Figure of the Day 11 – The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor

Series: Doctor Who; Classics
Release Date: 2008
Comments: When Doctor Who relaunched itself with Christopher Eccleston’s season as the Doctor the amount of licensed Who merchandies ballooned.  This included a return of Doctor Who to the toy aisles (or in the United States a return to online stores).  The first few years of the released focused soley on the adventures of the newest incarnations of the characters.    However it was only a matter of time until the history of Who was mined for inspiration.

The Fifth Doctor was part of the first (and as of the writing of this column) and only wave of Doctor Who classic figures.  The figure is not a disappointment, the head sculpt is reasonably accurate and the sculpt and paint jobs are quite good, even capturing the Doctor’s celery well.  His accesories included his sonic screwdriver and a piece of the build-a-figure; the robot from the episode – The Robot.

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