Transformers Classics 2.0 – Sunstreaker

Following on the footsteps of last year’s Transformers Classics, the fine folks at HASBRO have reintroduced G1 characters updated with modern transformations, articulation and detailing. The final figure in wave 1 is a bundle of yellowey goodness of Sunstreaker.

Packaging: Packaging is pretty much the same as Prowl and Tankor. I really dig the bubbles, the embosed symbols are just a nice little detail. Though I’ve got to admit, more dynamic artwork would really make the packaging stand out.


Car Mode: As with his fellow wavemates, Sunstreaker is an update of his classic form.  As such, he is a yellow Lamborghini. Of note is that no logos or hood emblems, I mean, this isn’t an Alternator. Best detail of the car mode is Sunstreaker’s custom tags which state “WE R 84”.

Transformation: Fun, straightforward transformation sequence. The best part is when you rotate the roof to make the head pop up.


Robot Mode: Sunstreaker is the best of the wave. Only detraction is that the engine block tends to pop off. Not a whole lot to say, except that Sunstreaker is sure to spend plenty of time looking at himself in the mirror.

Overall: Sunstreaker sets a new bar for awesomeness. A perfect update of a true classic. 10/10.

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