Last weekend at Phoenix Comic-con

Last weekend, over the Memorial Day, I had the opportunity to spend some time at Phoenix Comic-con. Right up front I’m going to get this out of the way, this year (unlike last year), I had an absolute blast and if you’re looking for a fun show to go to – you should consider Phoenix Comic-con. I’ve been attending the show for a few years now and this year they really had the right amount of organization and infrastructure a show of it’s size should have. Everything went smoothly, was well marked and made for a great experience! Huge props to the organizers and volunteers who put this show together!

Specifically there were two main draws for AwesomeToyBlog at this year’s show, the exhibition hall and William Shatner. The exhibition hall, which is huge and is always chock full of cool, interesting things did not disappoint. Items available ranged from vintage toys (I love browsing those) to new toys, artists, and loads and loads of comics. I know, comics at a comic-con! This year I managed to avoid rampant spending picking up just an art print and a Playmates 9″ Dr. Crusher to replace my balding one.  Poor Beverly.

William Shatner, one of many Star Trek guests, was the highlight of the panels. Last year Phoenix Comic-con hosted Leonard Nimoy, so I was thrilled to see Shatner this year. The session was essentially a full Q&A with subjects going well beyond Star Trek. It was a refreshing and fun take on a panel. You can watch the entire panel right here. This is just one of hundreds of panels they have – ranging from advice for making your own costumes, discussions about your favorite show or movie, all the way to in depth anime discussions. There really is something for everyone.

Check out the gallery below for just a taste of what the show has to offer. I tried to get a good variety of cos-play as you can see some mind-blowingly awesome costumes at the show. Personally I loved the fan built radio controlled Dalek and the fellow dressed up as a Doctor Who Construction toy mini-figure. Hope to see you next year at Phoenix Comic-con!


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