Fanhome Launching Subscription for 1:43 Scale Replica of Millennium Falcon

Fanhome, the leader in subscription-based collections and models, expands its acclaimed Star Wars catalog with a 1:43 scale replica of the Millennium Falcon.

Several models of the Millennium Falcon were used to make the original Star Wars trilogy – but the most iconic was built for the action sequences in the second movie, The Empire Strikes Back. The Fanhome version is an official replica, built to the same scale.

More information and sign-up details are available now at: Pre-orders are open now and subscriptions will begin shipping in August.

The molded die-cast metal and resin components make this ultimate Millennium Falcon replica extremely easy to construct, with an unprecedented level of realism. The sizeable completed model measures 32-inches long by 23-inches wide. Hull parts are supplied pre-finished, but expert modelers can apply their own battle scars and weathering to add extra authenticity and personalize the model. The completed Falcon also has working LED effects, and can be wall- or table-mounted, with the landing legs and boarding ramp displayed in open or retracted positions.

Build your knowledge about the legendary Millennium Falcon and its design and evolution as construction progresses with a full-color magazine that accompanies each month’s shipment of components. Discover how Industrial Light & Magic’s model makers designed and built the many props and sets that were used to bring the Falcon to life on screen. Packed with little known facts and anecdotes, these issues feature rare behind-the-scenes photography and revelations about the real story behind the Star Wars movie magic.

Explore the origins of the Millennium Falcon as a YT-1300 light freighter manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation and its legendary history and notable owners that included Lando Calrissian and Han Solo. Also learn about the techniques of manufacturers and designers, from the Kuat Drive Yards to Koensayr. Explore the workings of systems, from repulsorlifts to hyperdrives – and the use of materials – to understand the magic and functionality of how Star Wars technology works.

Starting with the Falcon’s own fascinating story, builders will go on to explore the Star Wars galaxy’s other key starships and spacecraft in monthly magazine issues, including the X-wing, TIE fighter, Boba Fett’s starfighter, Star Destroyer, Death Star and many more.

LED Lighting Effects
The Millennium Falcon model includes internal wiring and LEDs that can be connected to an
internal battery or external low-voltage power source. Separate systems can be turned on to
illuminate the rear sublight drives, forward floodlights and internal cockpit lighting.

Moving Parts
The exterior of the Millennium Falcon includes many fully articulated parts that include the
upper and lower quad laser cannons and the rectenna dish. The Falcon’s boarding ramp is also
movable and will lock into either flight position or landing position for display mounting.

Screen Accurate Interior Details
While the outer shell of the Falcon is inspired by the filming miniature used in the movies, it
also features removable upper panels that reveal interior details seen in all three movies –
including the cockpit, the main hold with its engineering station and dejarik hologame board,
gun controls for the quad laser cannons, and Han Solo’s smuggling compartments.

Fanhome Millennium Falcon builders will receive a variety of special additional items at various
stages of their subscription that include a limited-edition T-shirt featuring a Millennium Falcon
design as well as a hand painted die-cast miniature of the ship, a ceramic mug and baseball cap
and special binders to archive all the collected magazines. For a limited time, subscribers paying
with PayPal will receive an additional gift from Fanhome – a durable backpack emblazoned with
the emblem of the Rebel Alliance and Resistance and an eye-catching Falcon design.

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