SDCC – XBox One Media Event

SDCC 2013 logoOne of the events I had the opportunity to attend an XBOX ONE media event. In addition to some delicious food and drink I had the opportunity to try the XBOX ONE out for myself. During the evening I tried Forza 5 and Lego Marvel Superheroes. The Forza 5 demo was particularly fun, as it was set-up with a racing seat, steering wheel and a giant monitor. The game is gorgeous, and the graphics during the ‘glamour’ fly-arounds of the cars were mind blowing. Prior to playing, I was skeptical about need for the next-gen of gaming, but both of these games looked amazing.

Lego Marvel Superheroes also looked great, it’s the most stunning of the Lego games yet. And, if goes without saying, playing as Lego Hulk is a ridiculous amount of fun. This is one to keep your eye on.

Thanks to Microsoft for the fantastic event!

xbox one event 1 xbox one event 2

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