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Dark Horse and HBO Announced Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Limited Edition Bust

Dark Horse and HBO are proud to announce the Game of Thrones: Jon Snow – Battle of the Bastards Limited Edition Bust

The pulse-pounding climax of the most recent HBO season of Game of Thrones, was the “Battle of the Bastards”, where Jon Snow faces off in a life-or-death struggle with evil Ramsay Bolton.  This ambitious and elaborately choreographed battle served as a key moment where Jon draws his sword Longclaw and face the Bolton army.
This pre-painted bust measures 6” from base to the top of his head, plus sword extension. Edition size TBD at press time. Full-color deluxe packaging with Certificate of Authenticity. Game of Thrones: Jon Snow – Battle of the Bastards Limited Edition Bust retails at $89.99 and goes on sale August 23, 2017.

Dark Horse and HBO Licensing Release Game of Thrones: The Hand of the Queen Pin

Dark Horse LogoDark Horse and HBO Global Licensing are proud to honor Game of Thrones fans with the newest addition to the partnership’s line of popular collectibles: the Hand of the Queen Pin. After the Second Siege of Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen names Tyrion Lannister as her official Hand of the Queen to honor his loyalty and governance of Meereen during her absence. Daenerys presents Tyrion with a replica of the Hand brooch.

Dark Horse has crafted a replica of the original prop from Game of Thrones. The Hand of the Queen Pin is beautifully constructed with zinc alloy. The pin is three inches long.

The Hand of the Queen Pin goes on sale December 28, 2016, at a price of $12.99.

Dark Horse Announces Second Game of Thrones Snow Globe

Dark Horse LogoDark Horse and HBO Global Licensing are excited to announce a new addition to their Game of Thrones product line: the Three-Eyed Raven Snow Globe. In the hit HBO seriesGame of Thrones, a three-eyed raven begins appearing in Bran Stark’s visions and dreams after his fall and injury in Season 1. These visions prompt Bran to journey beyond the Wall to discover his true self.

Dark Horse has crafted a replica of the raven in its natural environment: a swirl of snow. The Three-Eyed Raven Snow Globe sculpture is finely detailed and beautifully packaged in a full-color collector box. The glass sphere is 4.7 inches in diameter, and with the sculpted base stands 6.5 inches high. The base of the globe is inscribed with the words the raven speaks to Bran: “Look for me beneath the tree… North.” The Three-Eyed Raven Snow Globe is the perfect companion piece to 2014’s Weirwood Tree Snow Globe.

The Three-Eyed Raven Snow Globe goes on sale April 5, 2017, at a price of $99.99.


Play the Game of Thrones Scavenger Hunt During SDCC!

SDCC 2016 logo

HBO Global Licensing is excited to debut a wide array of new Game of Thrones products and convention exclusives at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and to highlight some of its bestselling products released throughout the series’ run. To help celebrate, HBO is inviting fans to participate in a Comic Con Scavenger Hunt, sending them on a quest to find some of the coolest Game of Thrones products available on the Comic Con floor.
Starting Wednesday, July 20, at 6pm PT when the convention floor opens for Preview Night, until Saturday, July 23, at 5pm PT, participating fans must complete all of the following challenges by posting photos of themselves with the specified products to their public Twitter profiles using the hashtag #GoTScavengerHunt. Fans who have completed all challenges should go to USAopoly’s CLUE®: Game of ThronesTM Experience Booth #1017 on Saturdaybetween 9:30am and 5pm and enter their name, contact info and Twitter handle into a raffle for a chance to win a prize pack valued at approximately $200. A total of 15 winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted Saturday evening with information about claiming their prizes.
  • Post a photo of yourself in front of the MEY for Game of Thrones jewelry display case inside the Hall of Faces Experience, located across from the Omni Hotel on L Street in the Gaslamp District. (Please note that the entry line forms early each morning.) The MEY for Game of Thrones collection features jewelry seen on and inspired by the hit series, created in a partnership between Emmy®-winning Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton and the London-based jewelry brand Yunus & Eliza.
  • Post a photo of yourself wearing (or with someone wearing) The Night King mask($669.95) at CFX Booth #2944. Their silicone White Walker masks have been a hit at Comic Cons past, and now CFX is back with a new mask modeled after the king of the White Walkers. Pale blue striated flesh stretches upwards into a regal and organic ice crown to capture the look of this malevolent and powerful being.
  • Post a photo of yourself with The Night King Bust (Metallic Silver) at Dark Horse Booth #2615. The bust measures 8-3/4 inches tall. His 12-inch arms are raised as if he is a conductor orchestrating a crescendo, while challenging Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch army as they retreat. This silver plated bust is available in a limited edition of 200 for $150.
  • Post a photo of yourself wearing The Royal Crown of King Robert Baratheon at Factory Entertainment Booth #2647. Copied directly from the original screen-used prop, this 1:1 scale replica is finely crafted in solid metal to give it a heavy and suitably regal feel. Each limited edition replica (price TBA) is then hand-finished in a lustrous gold effect metal and has inset reproduction gemstones.  The replica includes a specially designed iron sword motif display stand that allows the replica to rest on the hilts of four swords.
  • Post a photo of yourself with a Game of Thrones Sigil Stationery Set at Insight Editions Booth #1703. These deluxe stationery sets ($34.95 each), themed to House Stark, House Lannister and House Targaryen, provide all the items fans will need to communicate with friends, bannermen, and faraway Maesters.
  • Post a photo of yourself with the CLUE®:  Game of Thrones™ Convention Exclusive: Expansion Pack at USAopoly’s CLUE®: Game of ThronesTM Experience Booth #1017. The CLUE®:  Game of Thrones™ Convention Exclusive: Expansion Pack($19.95; $60 when purchased with CLUE®:  Game of Thrones™), includes two new character cards: Oberyn Martell and Barristan Selmy with power cards; six gold weapons:  Poison Vial, Battle Axe, Arakh, Faceless Man Coin, Crossbow, Catspaw Assassin Dagger; and a custom scoring pad.
Prize Pack Includes:
  • CLUE®:  Game of Thrones™ + CLUE®:  Game of Thrones™ Convention Exclusive: Expansion Pack
  • McFarlane Iron Throne Room Construction Set
  • Factory Entertainment Game of Thrones plush figures
  • Dark Horse Varys Figure
  • Insight Editions Sigil Stationery Set
  • Game of Thrones SDCC Exclusive The Night King T-shirt

Fans can also check out other Game of Thrones products like the SDCC exclusive Mag the Mighty Funko Pop! figure (Funko – Booth #5341), the official companion book series (Chronicle Books – Booth #1506), and the Living Language Dothraki language course (Random House – Booth #1034), as well as a variety of other new and exclusive products available from the licensees above. A full list of Game of Thrones products that will be featured at Comic Conis available below.

Composite Effects – Booth #2944
The Night King Mask and Gloves

Dark Horse – Booth #2615
The Night King Bust (Silver)*
The Night King Pin
Son of the Harpy Figure
The Night King Figure
Stannis Baratheon Figure

Factory Entertainment – Booth #2647
Direwolf Cub Plush Box Set II (features Shaggydog, Lady and Summer)*
The Red Keep Relief Sculpture
The Royal Crown of King Robert Baratheon
The Wall and Castle Black Limited Edition Desktop Sculpture

Funko – Booth #5341
Dorbz Three-Pack – White Walker, The Hound, Joffrey*
Mag the Mighty 6″ Funko Pop!*

USAopoly – Booth #1017
CLUE®: Game of Thrones™ Convention Exclusive: Expansion Pack*
CLUE®: Game of Thrones™
MONOPOLY®: Game of Thrones™ Collector’s Edition
Risk®: Game of Thrones™

Insight Editions – Booth # 1703
Pop-Up Guide to Westeros Book
Astrolabe Collectible
Sigil Stationery Sets
Poster Book Collections

Living Language – Booth #1034
Living Language Dothraki

Chronicle Books – Booth #1506
Inside Game of Thrones: Seasons 1 & 2
Inside Game of Thrones: Season 3 & 4

Think Geek – Booth #3351
Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Replica
Game of Thrones House Sigil Journals
Game of Thrones House Sigil Wine Charms

*Denotes Convention Exclusive. Only available on the Comic Con floor, with a limited allotment available at starting Wednesday, July 20.

GOT Scavenger

Dark Horse Reveals SDCC Exclusive Comics, Toys and More

SDCC 2016 logoDark Horse comics have revealed their slate of 2016 SDCC exclusives. All of the below products will be available at the Dark Horse booth (#2615) for the entire show, with a fixed number (at least) available for each day of the show. See below for the details including price and daily limits.

  • Hellboy in Hell Volume 2: The Death Card SDCC Exclusive Hardcover – $40, limited to 1400, 2 per person per day
  • Black Hammer #1 Convention Exclusive Variant – $5, limited to 500, 5 per person per day
  • Conan the Slayer #1 SDCC Wraparound Variant – $5, limited to 500, 5 per person per day
  • B.P.R.D. Zippo Lighter – $40, limited to 500, 5 per person per day
  • B.P.R.D. Flask – $35, limited to 275, 5 per person per day
  • Game of Thrones The Night King Bust Silver Edition – 8.5″ silver bust, $150, limited to 200, 1 per person per day
  • Halo Covenant Banshee Ship Replica Gold Edition – 5″ gold ship replica, included Halo 5: Guardians REQ Pack Download card, $50, limited to 300, 1 per person per day
  • Snoopy Qee Mystery Figure Gold Edition – $8, limited edition of 550, 2 per person per day
  • Frank Frazetta ‘The Destroyer’ Lithograph – $100, 16″ x 20″, signed by Frank Frazetta Jr., limited to 100, 1 per person per day

Additional Factory Entertainment SDCC Exclusives – Back To The Future, Game of Thrones, More

SDCC 2016 logoOur pals at Factory Entertainment have added a few new SDCC exclusives over the past week or so. Each of these is available for pre-order now. You can find them at booth #2647 at the show. Pre-order details are available here.

Back To The Future – Time Circuit Keychain  – $12

The way we see it, if you’re gonna attend San Diego Comic-Con, why not do it with some style?

Your travels will always be in style with Factory Entertainment’s 2016 Convention Exclusive Back To The Future Time Circuit Keychain! Featuring this years SDCC dates and times of July 20, 2016 6:00 PM to July 24, 2016 5:10 PM, our Time Circuit will allow you to relive the experience over and over and over and over and over… AGAIN!

Limited to 500 pieces.

Game Of Thrones – Direwolf Cub 6 Inch Plush Box Set 2016  – $30

Comic-Con is coming and so is our 2016 Direwolf Cub Plush Box Set!

As seen on the smash hit show, Game of Thrones, the children of House Stark discovered and adopted a litter of direwolf cubs, with each child paired to a distinct animal that he or she raised. They eventually grew to become fearsome guardians of the Starks and Jon Snow.

Our 2016 Convention Exclusive Box Set continues to honor three of those loyal companions as the adorable cubs they started out as.

Featuring Shaggydog, Summer and Lady, these 6” tall direwolf cubs are ready to join you on any adventure through Westeros and beyond!

The 2016 Box Set is Limited to 1,000 pieces

Game Of Thrones – Direwolf Cub 6 Inch Plush Box Set Bundle Featuring Ghost – $40

The same as above, but with the addition of Ghost

Game Of Thrones – Direwolf Cub 6 Inch 2015 and 2016 Plush Box Sets – $55

Includes both the 2015 and 2016 sets of cubs. The 2015 Box Set features Ghost, Nymeria and Grey Wind.

DC Comics – Catwoman Ame-Comi Kabuki Premium Motion Statue – $100

Everyone’s favorite cat burglar is back in the Ame-Comi style! Catwoman stands 10 inches high and is crafted from heavyweight polystone.
The backdrop is a thick rolled metal, decorated with a stunning blood red moon.
This 2016 SDCC exclusive variant pays homage to classic Kabuki style.
Each statue is individually numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.
Limited to 300 pieces.

Toy Fair 2016 – Dark Horse

tf2016Today was the last day of New York Toy Fair, but I still have a few things to get posted from the show. Among the booths I visited was Dark Horse. Their display features products from their Game of Thrones license (statues, figures and Dragon egg bookends), scale ships from Halo, staues and figures from the video game The Witcher, as well as product from Legnd of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender.

One new property that I want to highlight is their upcoming Snoopy product. Two different Snoopy items were shown – larger flocked vinyl Snoopys and a series of blindboxed Snoopy Qee figures. Long time readers may remember a very similar product from 2011’s SDCC – I did and I’m thrilled these are seeing the light of day!

Check out all the product from the Dark Horse booth at Toy Fair in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2016 – Factory Entertainment

tf2016Over the past several years, Factory Entertainment has built up an impressive line of product. Their 2016 product continues that trend with amazing Marvel, DC and Game of Thrones product revealed.

For both Marvel and DC the most impressive pieces were the Metal Miniatures. Standing a few inches tall, these metal statues feature great sculpts with amazing detail and excellent deco. Priced around $50 – these smaller collectibles were quite impressive. If you’re looking for a slightly larger collectible, their Motion Statues may be what you’re in the market for – the recently announced Deadpool statue is a standout for the format.

Also on display were SWAT weapons from Batman vs. Superman and Adventure Time. These plush weapons let you roleplay some combat without injury. Sounds have been added to them adding a fun new dimension.

The gallery below has these, and a ton of other product, from the Factory Entertainment booth at toy fair.

Dark Horse Announces “Game of Thrones” Night’s King Limited Edition Bust

Dark Horse LogoDark Horse is heading into the holidays with the reveal of the latest release in its growing line of figures and collectibles based on characters from the smash-hit HBO® series Game of Thrones®. Modeled after the leader of the White Walkers who raised the fallen wildlings in the aftermath of the massacre at Hardhome in one of Season 5’s most shocking moments, the Night’s King bust will be available in spring 2016.

Drawing on the skills of sculptor Dave Cortes, Dark Horse has captured the Night’s King in full detail. The bust measures 8 3/4 inches tall. His 12-inch arms are raised as if he is a conductor orchestrating a crescendo, while his otherworldly blue eyes challenge Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch army as they retreat.

“Demand for our previous large-scale Game of Thrones statues and busts has been tremendous,” said Dark Horse Product Development head David Scroggy. “Items like our 14-inch Iron Throne replica, the Jon Snow and Ghost statue, and the Daenerys and Drogon bust have sold through quickly. We expect the Night’s King bust to be just as popular!”

This limited edition bust is sure to be the centerpiece of any Game of Thrones collection.

The Night’s King bust will be packaged in a full-color, oversize collector box. The release date is set for April 2016. Suggested retail price is $129.99.

GoT White Walker Bust

McFarlane Toys Expands Construction Line to Game of Thrones

Mcfarlane-Logo_1224982167McFarlane Toys’ line of construction toys will be expanding to include Game of Thrones this fall. Like their Walking Dead sets, these sets will let fans build noteable locations from the show with the extreme detail and realism they’ve become known for.

Todd McFarlane, CEO and founder of McFarlane Toys, said, “I’m very excited to work with HBO. They are a world-class network and Game of Thrones is one of the most visually compelling shows that I’ve ever seen.”

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to create high-quality collectible construction sets based on this fan-favorite property. Both collectors and fans of this epic series can build their favorite scenes with this new product line,” McFarlane added.

The new Game of Thrones product line will be unveiled at SDCC. Each Game of Thrones construction set will feature iconic environments with realistic sculpted pieces, along with multiple figures of fan-favorite characters. Prices will range from $3.99 to $49.99 and hit shelves in November. Additional details are below.

Construction Sets: MSRP $14.99-49.99 – Depicting the most outstanding moments from your Game of Thrones, including the Iron Throne Room, Mother of Dragons and Attack on the Wall, each set includes scene specific characters, stunning details and realistic accessories.

Construction Figure Packs: MSRP $9.99 – Starter packs featuring Houses Stark and Lannister with your favorite house armies, complete with house banner and sigil.

Construction Set Figures: MSRP $3.99 – Twelve buildable blind bag figures inspired by characters from Game of Thrones. Each 2-inch scale figure includes an environment base, and humans include articulated body parts.  Series 1: #1 Tyrion Lannister; #2 Jon Snow ; #3 Daenerys Targaryen; #4 Grey Worm; #5 Ghost; #6 Rhaegal; #7 Unsullied; #8 Crow; #9 Kingsguard; #10 Wildling (w/ Axe); #11 Wildling (w/ Spear) and  #12 Wight.

McFarlane Game of Thrones

Factory Entertainment’s Next Two SDCC Exclusives Announced: Batman ’66 and Game of Thrones

cc15 tn

Over the past few days Factory Entertainment has announced two new SDCC exclusives for 2015. From the super popular HBO show come a set of three 6″ plush Direwolf cubs. These are available for pre-order now (both pick up and ship after SDCC) and are priced at $30.

Inspired by the 1960’s Batman TV series comes the Dynamic Duo color monolith – think Batman and Robin meets Mount Rushmore in color. Priced at $75 this piece is available for pre-order here.

See these items below along with their official descriptions.

Batman – 1966 TV Series Dynamic Duo Color Monolith

Celebrate the television legacy of Gotham’s very own Dynamic Duo™
Factory Entertainment’s Dynamic Duo™ Monolith™ features highly detailed likenesses of Batman and Robin, as portrayed by Adam West and Burt Ward, sculpted in polystone and individually hand-finished! This Convention Exclusive variant features our heroes in full color and is sure to please fans old and new!

Limited to 200 pieces

Game Of Thrones – Direwolf Cub 6 Inch Plush Box Set

Comic-Con is coming and so is our Direwolf Cub Plush set!

As seen on the smash hit show, Game of Thrones, the children of House Stark discovered and adopted a litter of direwolf cubs, with each child paired to a distinct animal that he or she raised.

While they eventually grew to become fearsome guardians of the Starks and Jon Snow, our Convention Exclusive box set honors three of those loyal companions as the adorable cubs they started out as. Featuring Ghost, Nymeria and Grey Wind, these 6” tall direwolf cubs are ready to join you on any adventure through Westeros and beyond!

Limited to 1500 pieces

FactoryEnt Batman 66 Monolith FactoryEnt  GoT Plush CC15

Dark Horse Announce Next Four Game of Thrones Figures

Dark Horse LogoDark Horse has announced four new figures based on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones!

“We have been floored by the response to these figures,” Dark Horse product development head David Scroggy noted, “and these will give fans the new favorites we have come to know as the epic saga unfolds.”

The four new figures are:

Sansa Stark, the oldest Stark daughter, fled King’s Landing to the Eyrie with Littlefinger’s assistance after Joffrey’s murder and now travels alongside him. The figure measures 7.75” in height.  The fine detailing of her black and midnight blue dress is exactly as seen in the HBO series.

Jorah Mormont, an exiled Northern lord, originally joined Daenerys’s company as a spy on behalf of King Robert, but ultimately became committed to her cause. He followed Daenerys, providing counsel, but was banished when she learned of his betrayal. The Jorah figure measures 7.85” in height, with the paint application reproducing the nuances of his likeness and costume.

Sandor Clegane, the former Kingsguard better-known as The Hound, abandoned King Joffrey and his post during the Battle of Blackwater. After encountering Ayra Stark at the Riverlands, he held her captive while travelling to the Eeyrie in hopes of collecting a ransom.   The Hound’s formidable proportions are reflected in this 8.4” figure. He is shown wearing his signature helmet, which is hinged so that it opens and closes.

Brienne of Tarth, warrior of House Tarth and vassal to House Baratheon, is a skilled fighter. After serving as the Kingsguard for Renly Baratheon and the sworn sword of Catelyn Stark, she bonds with Jaime Lannister while escorting him back to King’s Landing, where  he gives her a new suit of armor and a Valyrian steel sword reforged from Eddard Stark’s great sword, Ice. This armor is reproduced on our 8” tall figure, with all the impeccable details accounted for.

These four are set for a Fall 2015 release and they join the below figures.

Tywin Lannister, former Hand of the King and head of House Lannister and Lord of Casterly Rock, was one of the most powerful lords in Westeros.

Joffrey Baratheon, former King of Westeros before his untimely murder at his wedding, was over-indulged and cowardly. He exhibited a cruel streak toward the vulnerable.

Petyr (“Littlefinger”) Baelish, the eyes and ears of King’s Landing, left his role as master of coin in the Small Council to secure the Vale by marrying Lysa Arryn.

Hodor and Bran are practically inseparable since Bran was pushed from a tower in Winterfell and lost the ability to walk. In this figure, Hodor carries Bran Stark on his back, immortalizing the close bond the two characters share. This special “double figure” is larger than others in the line, measuring a Hodor-sized nine inches, including the base.

These Game of Thrones figures have a suggested retail price of $24.99-$39.99 and are presented in deluxe window box packaging.

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