The Loyal Subjects’ Game Of Thrones Action Vinyls Now Available At Walmart And Other Retailers

With their expansive Game of Thrones set, TLS has perfectly captured the essence of treachery, tribalism and hedonism, depicted in every episode that viewers have grown to love. Collectors and fans of the cable series can recreate their favorite scenes, battles across family lines, or create new ones with iconic characters like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Bran Stark, and the White Walker.

TLS’ signature Action Vinyls are a hybrid co-mingling of highly-stylized features figurines but with the poseable dexterity commonly found in traditional action figures. Most TLS figures stand at 3.25”, have up to 15-points of articulation, are accompanied by a collector card, and have interchangeable accessories creating a Universe Without Borders. Adding to the collectible chase element, TLS pays homage to its collector base by including rare figures and “Easter eggs” throughout its product lines.

Game of Thrones Action Vinyls are available now with a rolling release schedule throughout May. You can find these at Target, Hot Topic and, starting April 30th, Walmart.

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