New Pictures of Upcoming Transformers Sandstorm and Wheeljack (Cybertronian)

Courtesy of our friends at Hasbro – new pictures of the upcoming triple changer Sandstorm and the Cybertronion mode of Wheeljack have been released.

The triple changer Sandstorm is a Leader class toy and converts from robot to dune buggy (19 steps) to a helicopter (32 steps) and will have a suggested price of $54.99. Pre-orders aren’t open yet, but are certainly coming soon.

There are also new pictures of the Voyager class “Origin” Wheeljack. Straight from the very first episode of the G1 Transformers cartoon – this is your chance to pick up Wheeljack in his Cybertronian ‘hovercar’ mode. He’ll make a great companion piece to the Cybertronian Jazz and Bumblebee previously released.

Just for fun – here’s some pics of the upcoming Core Class Energon Universe Megatron. He’s just a cute l’il dude who should be hitting stores now.

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