New Hasbro Games Available For The Holidays

Just in time for holiday family gatherings or spending time with your favorite friends, Hasbro has brand new gaming options available to all. Between ATOMIX, CLUE Escape and new HeroQuest expansions – there’s something for everyone. Keep reading for details on these games.

  • ATOMIX is an addictive, fast-paced 3D puzzle game with a unique sphere design – ideal to play at home for a stimulating screen break or take on the go to keep kids busy.
  • CLUE Escape: The Illusionist’s Club Game offers classic CLUE characters and mystery in an escape room game that lets you play right away with limited setup, making it a great holiday gift for fans of the original CLUE game and murder mystery games alike.
  • In the HeroQuest Prophecy of Telor Quest Pack, players traverse through 13 quests to reveal the secrets surrounding the Talisman of Lore and the prophecy of Telor. Though the wizard Melar vanished long ago, it is known that he had been experimenting with vile Dread magic—alas, in his disappearance, all that could be found was the Talisman of Lore. Playing as one of HeroQuest’s brave heroes, players must enter the maze of Melar and put an end to whatever foul machinations are at play!
  • In the HeroQuest Spirit Queen’s Torment Quest Pack, players embark on 14 thrilling quests. The elven sage Silvana, brilliant diviner and ally of Mentor, has been experiencing visions of spirits surrounding her beloved late apprentice, Nelath, a Spirit Talker slain by Zargon. Playing as one of HeroQuest’s brave heroes, players must enter the Wyvern Keep and end whatever vile plot has disturbed Nelath’s eternal slumber—before a fate worse than death befalls her.

Fans can now purchase ATOMIX and CLUE Escape: The Illusionist’s Club on Amazon and both HeroQuest expansion packs on Hasbro Pulse.

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