Hasbro Previews Season 7 of Beyblade Burst and New QUADSTRIKE Thunder Edge Battle Set

Hasbro, Inc (NASDAQ:HAS) is launching players into the future of BEYBLADE battling with today’s reveal of the all-new BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE THUNDER EDGE BATTLE SET, featuring next-level QuadStrike innovation with an updated integrated physical and digital play experience. In celebration of the latest battle set, fans can also get a first look at the upcoming season of the BEYBLADE BURST animated series, which premieres in spring of 2023, in a trailer which you can see below.

“Season seven of BEYBLADE BURST brings all-new adventures and epic battles that we’re thrilled to share with fans,” said an ADK Emotions representative. “The launch of this all-new BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE Thunder Edge Battle Set by Hasbro is the perfect way to get involved in the action.”

The BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE Thunder Edge Battle Set unleashes the energy of QuadStrike, enhancing 4-in-1 top customization with elevated Armor Tips designed for a fiercer, more intense battle. Players can configure the top in four separate ways, giving four modes to strategize, customize, battle and win. Bladers can build the best configuration, rise to the fundamental challenge, and overpower opponents to take the Beymaster title. Included in the BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE Thunder Edge Battle Set is the Lightning Pandora Endless QuadStrike top, which appears in the upcoming seventh season of the BEYBLADE BURST animated series. In advance of the BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE Thunder Edge Battle Set, Hasbro will also release the new QuadStrike line of battling tops throughout the month of December.

Players can extend the BEYBLADE experience beyond the battle set and series by scanning a code on BEYBLADE BURST tops to unlock them and mix and match with other components in the BEYBLADE BURST app. Scanning the code on the BEYBLADE BURST Beystadiums also leads to virtual battles in an epic stadium atmosphere in the app.

Originated in 1999, the BEYBLADE franchise was inspired by traditional Japanese tops called “Bei-Goma” and designed by Toymaker TOMY Company, Ltd. with a modern battling top system. Since then, the brand has been an international phenomenon in over 80 countries, with three full generations to date— BEYBLADE, BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion, and current generation BEYBLADE BURST. The BEYBLADE universe continues to evolve and expand through innovative animated episodic content, social media imprints, digital and physical gaming components, consumer products, live events and a robust licensing and merchandising program.

Learn more about BEYBLADE at beyblade.hasbro.com and purchase the BEYBLADE BURST QuadStrike Thunder Edge Battle Seteverywhere, toys are sold this January. Fans can also purchase other BEYBLADE BURST QuadStrike items starting in December. More information on BEYBLADE BURST season seven can be found at beyblade.com.

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