New Ghostbusters Toys Revealed by Hasbro

Today a new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer hit the web, and shortly thereafter new Hasbro toys based on the franchise were announced! Toys will be in stores this fall (which starts in a just a few weeks actually).

(Ages 8 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $20.99 / Available: Fall 2021)
Mini-Puft popping action is back with the GHOSTBUSTERS Mini-Puft Popper from Hasbro and NERF! Inspired by the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film, kids can imagine themselves as part of the Ghostbusters team undergoing eerie encounters with this must-have roleplay gear. The GHOSTBUSTERS Mini-Puft Popper comes with three soft foam Puft Popper projectiles inspired by the mischievous Mini-Puft characters from the 2021 film for ghost-poppin’ action and adventure. Product will be available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.


(Ages 4 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/ Available: Fall 2021)

The premium, collectible Ghostbusters figures that fans love is back in time for the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife film with the first wave of the GHOSTBUSTERS Plasma Series Afterlife Figures from Hasbro! Inspired by the latest film coming to theaters in November 2021, this highly poseable collection of action figures features premium design, detailing, and articulation that embody the quality and realism Ghostbusters fans expect with Hasbro’s Plasma Series. Each 6-inch scale action figure comes with film-inspired accessories, including new ‘Build-A-Ghost’ pieces for select figures that form a Sentinel Terror Dog figure.

The GHOSTBUSTERS Plasma Series Afterlife Figures features characters from the 2021 film, including Trevor, Lucky, Podcast, Peter, Winston, and Ray, along with the Sentinel Terror Dog build-a-ghost pieces Available at and most major retailers nationwide.  


(Ages 8 and up / Approx. Retail Price: $20.99 / Available: Fall 2021)

A team of paranormal eliminators will be racing to a mysterious farmhouse in the Ecto-1 to roast some ghosts and solve mysteries in the new Clue: Ghostbusters Edition Game. Inspired by the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife film, players will experience a suspenseful game of “whodunit” with artwork and characters inspired by the iconic Ghostbusters franchise. By moving from location to location, narrowing down the possibilities, and through the process of elimination, players will figure out who the leader is, how to trap it, and where it will appear. Paranormal cards add teamwork to the game, letting players team up to battle a ghost or get closer to the truth. Once an accusation is made, players must check the Tobin’s Spirit Guide card sleeve to see if they are right, with the correct accusation winning the game. Available at and most major retailers nationwide.


(Ages 6 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $41.99 / Available: Fall 2021)

The ghost trap has been reinvented! Inspired by the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie, kids can now imagine hunting and grabbing spooky ghosts on the run as part of the Ghostbusters team with the GHOSTBUSTERS RC RTV Ghost Trap toy from Hasbro! The remote control allows the RTV Ghost Trap toy to drive forwards, backward, and perform smooth j-hook turns. When moving in reverse, the trap will open, and a Muncher ghost figure will pop out and try to escape! 


(Ages 4 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $10.99 / Available: Fall 2021)

Fright Features are back and better than ever with the GHOSTBUSTERS Fright Feature Figures from Hasbro! With the ghastliest ghouls now, even more spooky, these 5-inch scale figures are accompanied by an interactive ‘Ghost’ figure with fright features, along with proton pack and proton blaster accessories.  Once activated, ghosts stretch, spook, and cause a fright! Kids can imagine the spine-tingling frights faced by Ghostbusters, old and new! 

Wave 1 includes the four original Ghostbusters, including Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston. Wave 2 includes four human characters – Lucky, Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast – from the 2021 Ghostbusters movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife (each sold separately). Available at most major retailers nationwide. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

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