Hasbro Celebrates Star Wars Day With Pulse Livestream, New Products

It’s Star Wars day and Hasbro celebrated with a livestream filled with new Star Wars products that become available for pre-order tomorrow May 5th at 1PM PT. Check below of all the newly announced products.

Vintage Collection

In the vintage collection Hasbro shared three new figures that will be available at all retail channels, the Offworld Jawa (with mudhorn egg), the ARC Trooper Echo and Teebo. The Jawa and ARC Trooper will be available for pre-order tomorrow, look for Teebo at a future date.

RETRO Collection

One new retro-faux vintage figure was announced today, a prototype edition Boba Fett. With multiple colors of plastic used and a semi-random deco, this figure gives the feeling of a prototype figure used to test the molds. This retro Fett will be a TARGET exclusive and go up for pre-order tomorrow at 1PM.

Black Series Gaming Greats

GameStop’s exclusive line of Black Series figures is getting two new additions from Fallen Order, a Flametrooper and a Nightbrother warrior. Bring the fun of Fallen Order to your collection with these two, which will be available for pre-order tomorrow at 1PM exclusively from GameStop.

Roleplay Helmets

One new roleplay helmet was announced, a Mandalorian Death Watch helmet. With all the cool lights and sounds you’ve come to expect from the Black Series helmets, you’ll be able to imagine you’re a member of this elite squad of Mandalorian warriors. This helmet goes up for preorder tomorrow at GameStop.

Walmart Exclusive Black Series

Two new Black Series figures from the new ‘Bad Batch’ show were announced today and they are both Walmart exclusives. The Imperial Clone Shock Trooper and Admiral Rampart will be available to pre-order tomorrow.

Walmart Exclusive Vintage Collection

The Lucasfilm ‘First 50 Years’ Collection added three new Vintage Collection figures and all three will be available to order tomorrow only at Walmart. Snag yourself a Death Star Droid, an Endor poncho Luke Skywalker or a Tusken Raider.

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