New Marvel Legends ‘Controller’ Wave, Animated Storm and Retro Rhino Now Available for Pre-Order

Following yesterday’s Marvel Legends Livestream a whole host of Marvel Legends are now available to pre-order.

Marvel Legends ‘Controller’ Wave

A whole new wave is available for pre-order now, which includes the parts to build the classic Iron Man foe – Controller. This wave includes

  • Comic U.S. Agent
  • Quake (with alternate Maria Hill head)
  • Madame Hydra
  • Thor (the one from Fortnite)
  • Blue Marvel
  • Speedball
  • Iron Man (Model 70)

You can pre-order now at Hasbro Pulse, (these are affiliate links) Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Animated Storm

The Legends team is continuing their celebration of the 90s X-Men cartoon with the latest release in the series of VHS inspired packaged cartoon figures with Storm. Decked out in her cel shaded white outfit, Ororo is ready to whip up a tornado to suck some money out of your wallet. She’s exclusive to Hasbro Pulse and available now.

Retro Rhino

A big release here (literally) as the Rhino gets a single carded release on a retro Spider-Man card. He’s available for pre-order at Amazon, Entertainment Earth and all your favorite places to buy toys.

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