Hasbro’s Mando Monday Reveals New Mission Fleet and Epic NERF Blaster

This week’s ‘Mando Monday’ (can you believe that last episode??) features four new Hasbro products that are now available for pre-order. Of these four items, three are from Hasbro’s ‘Mission Fleet’ product line: a Biker Scout Speeder Set (with Biker Scout), a Defend a Child figure set with Cara Dune, IG-88, Mando himself, the Child and Pram and a Stormtrooper, finally a Blerg with Kuiil.

Also revealed today is the Mandalorian Amban Phase-Pulse blaster – pulled right from the screen this 50.25 inch long Nerf blaster will become the weapon of choice in any Nerf arsenal. This blaster comes fully assembled in premium packaging and features series-accurate sounds, an electronic scope with illuminated lens and is has a single dart chamber. This blaster includes 10 darts and will be available next fall. You can pre-order now on AwesomeToyBlog sponsor Amazon.com.

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