Hasbro Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary of First X-Men Film With Marvel Legends

On July 14th, 2000, the X-Men made their first leap from the comic pages to the movie screen. To celebrate, Hasbro today posted pre-orders for the Marvel Legends inspired by the X-Men movies. Now available for pre-order are:

  • Professor X and Magneto 2 pack – featuring swappable heads so you can choose the X-Men era you want on your shelf. Choose either Stewart/McKellen or McAvoy/Fassbender…or mix them up! It’s totally up to you. All of them feature photoreal deco with actor likenesses
  • Mystique – in her movie debut, Mystique had quite a movie makeover. Here you can have your favorite blue scaled shape changer in her true form.
  • Wolverine – the one true constant of the X-Men film to dates, this Wolverine figure gives you a fantastic likeness of Hugh Jackman.

Check these out below, and place your orders at HasbroPulse and your favorite retailers.

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