New Hasbro Transformers Botbots and Cyberverse Toys Revealed at European Cons

A weekend of reveals continues with new Transformers being shown at MCM London Comic Con 2019. Todays’ reveals include new Botbots and Cyberverse toys.

In the world of Botbots, a new tribe is being introduced – the solid gold (color, not actually solid gold), Winners Circle Tribe. You can score a member of the Winner’s Circle in either of the new Gumball Machine or Claw Game box sets – each includes five Botbots, one rare figure, one gold figure and four stickers. These multipacks are priced at $19.99. These will be available at the start of 2020…and look for a total of 190 Botbots in 2020.

Newly announced in Cyberverse are new Ultimate Class and Ultra Class bots. Each of these figures power-up with Energon Armor (as featured on the animated series). The new Ultimate Class figures include Optimus Prime (who has an Energon Axe Action feature) and Shockwave (with his Wave Cannon Action Attack). These are both proced at $29.99 and will be available at the top of 2020. New Ultra Class figures (SRP of $19.99) include Clobber (with her Turret Blaster), Hot Rod (with Ion X-Bow weapon) and Bumblebee (with Cybertronian Sabers). These will also be available around 1/1/20.

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