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Doctor Who logoIts now Comic-con week and the classic Doctor Who product that’s due to be released at the show remains unannounced.  As the Doctor Who fans aren’t the most patient type – there’s been quite a bit of speculation as to what this item are.  To make things more interesting; there’s been a few leaks on ebay of interesting items.  Reported awhile ago, there’s the purpley pink Peri repaint – from the episode ‘Attack of the Cybermen’ and the sparkley Master – likely from ‘Planet of Fire’.  The newest item to pop up on eBay is new samples of the Krynoid…which was originally intended to be a build-a-figure for Wave 2 and then was repainted into being an Axon.

Over on the WhoNA message boards, members were advised to pocket away ~$35 for the classics item; which puts it around the price of a 2-pack…but a bit closer to the Master/TARDIS set.  And despite all the leaks, there’s persistent rumors that we’ll be treated to a Leela figure.  So what’s the truth?  Well unless Underground Toys has a change of heart and reveals the item early, it looks like we have just a few more days until the item is revealed.

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