SDCC 2018 – Hasbro’s Marvel Panel and Official Images

It’s Saturday afternoon and Comic-con is waning but the Hasbro Marvel Legends panel is set to be a highlight of the day.

Hasbro kicks off the panel thanking fans and reviewing the coverage on Marvel Legends in the line. Spotlighting photos with hashtage #hasbrotoypic

Reviewed the year to date in movies and toys – and now on to Mighty Muggs: Venom, Wolverine, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Ham
Next up was the review of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and a reveal of the new ‘kid’ products.

Marvel Legends Reveals: Hercules
2nd Black Panther Wave out in December,
Ultron coming to GameStop/Entertainment Earth. Was a former BAF, but has been plussed to better match the movie
New Archangel – includes Apocalypse’s claw also can be pre-orderd from Gamestop/EE
AIM 2pack – also at EE/Gamestop
Magik will be a Walgreens exclusive
Miles and Gwen 2-pack at Target
Luke Cage and Claire Temple 2-pack at Walmart
Vintage Style – Ant-Man and the Wasp , Black Panther and Scarlet Spider, Vision and Hawkeye
A little side trip went into Deadpool land with new items on th way including Nerf, Monopoly and more

Spider-Man W1 2019 – New spider-Man, Red Goblin, Black Cat, Silver Sable, BAF Kingpin

Next X-Men Wave – Skullbuster, Blink,

Vehicles – Deadpool Scooter, and a Professor X in Hoverchair
Encore- Gambit

After the panel, in the Hasbro booth, the Wolverine / Sentinel ‘Days of Future Past’ set was on display and this exclusive is now set for Amazon.

Enjoy Hasbro’s official images of the new items below.

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