Mattel’s Pooparoo Surpriseroo Restocked Exclusively At Walmart

Mattel’s latest collection of squishy, collectable Pooparoo Surpriseroo toys have been flying off shelves. Our friends at Walmart have sent over news that they’re now exclusively re-stocked at Walmart. 

These cute, potty pals come in a variety of colors and characters like a Bunny, Panda, Unicorn, Dog and more, and are available for $9.88, only at Walmart. If you haven’t had the chance to play with one of these adorable toys it’s easy –just lift the lid and find a squishy, surprise Pooparoo that’s sure to get kids, and kids at heart, excited to play! The toy comes with magical paper packs and a toilet that with a little water and stirring, leaves three special treats ready for the Pooparoo to eat. The best part about the toy? You can feed and squeeze the toy over and over again so the fun never has to end! Check out all the cute characters below and find them at a Walmart near you.

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