HASCON Reveals Black Panther Kid’s Line and Canada Fan Expo Reveals Sasquatch Build-A-Fig

It’s been a busy week or so for the folks on Hasbro’s Marvel team as news of future releases have come out of last weekend’s Canada Fan Expo and this weekend’s HASCON.

It is only approrpriate that Canada Fan Expo had the priveledge of revealing the Deadpool wave build-a-figure, Sasquatch. As a member of Alpha Flight, he got to represent the home team at that show. This wave includes classic Deadpool, Cable, Domino, X-23, Deathlok and Paladin.

HASCON revealed some new product in support of Black Panther. From 12″ Titan figures, roleplay items and a new 6″ kid-skewing toy line, T’Challa and friends will be hitting the stores in a big way. Black Panther will also be represented with a wave of Marvel Legends.

Check out the newest images for both the Black Panther line and Sasquatch below.

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