Toy Fair – Hasbro’s Transformers Brand Panel

tf2016Kicking off Hasbro’s brand presentations today were the Transformers. Starting with the Titan class winner Trypticon, the brand team then covered Robots In Disguise and the latest in Generations toys. Below are my notes from the presentation.

We were shown an early design preview of Trypticon – then moved into Robots in Disguise.

Robots in Disguise
This part of the presentation startd with the first trailer for season 2. This season starts next weekend (Feb 20th) on Carton Network
New Warriors Class toys were shown: Windblade, Scorponok, Power Surge Optimus Prime
Power Surge Optimus Prime w/ exclusive Minicon also debuted. Similar to TF:Armada toys, the Minicon unlocks power ups and special features.

Fans of the Transformers: Robots in Disguise comic series will be thrilled to know it is returning this fall.

The final new reveal for Robots in Disguise were a number of Platinum series items, featuring enhanced decos and details both from Entertainment Earth – RID Warrior Class Bumblebee and Voyager Class Grimlock

On the Generations side of the brand we were shown a preview of the upcoming mobile game, Transformers Earth Wars. This as announced earlier this week.

We were then treated to a preview of the upcoming Fortress Maximum figure. Even bigger than the G1 counterpart, the new figure includes lights and sounds. In city mode you can connect other leader class Transformers, making is bigger and awesomer.

As in G1, Fortress Maximus’ head is Cerebros with his head being Emissary (sorry Spike)

One of the cool details around the Titan Returns toys is that the heads will work across all the scales of toys and be fully interchangeable. New toy reveals included:

  • Leader Wave 2 – Soundwave w/ head Soundblaster
  • Deluxe Wave 1 – Blurr and Hyperfire, Scourge and Fracas, Chromedome with Stylor, Mindwipe with Vorath
  • Legends Class – Wheelie debuted.
  • Wave 2 – Rumble, Laserbeak,
  • Generations Platinum Edition: Armada of Cyclonus – Cylconus with Scourge and Sweep (K-Mart Exclusive)

Also the Transformers brand is now on Instagram @TransformersOfficial

Below are pictures from the showroom with many of these new toys included.

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