LEGO NINJAGO 2016 Sets Announced

tf2016Getting a jump on the upcoming Toy Fair news blast, LEGO today provided some details on their 2016 LEGO NINJAGO sets. With a shelf date of March 1st, they range in size from 98 pieces to 754. These sets build the stage for a huge 2017, as a LEGO Ninjago is set to head to the big screen.
Get details and a preview of these new sets below!
Cole’s Dragon
$9.99 USD
98 pieces
Pose the neck, wings and legs of the dragon and fly into attack. Defeat the sky pirate and free trapped
Zane from the special Djinn Blade!
Ninja Bike Chase
$19.99 USD
231 pieces
Target the sky pirate’s flyer with Kai’s bike’s hidden cannons/boosters. Dodge the flyer’s bombs and aim the elemental water cannon from Nya’s awesome bike. Take his flyer down then fold out Kai’s bike’s golden Ninja blades to attack. You must defeat Sqiffy and free Cole from the Djinn Blade!
Sky Shark
$19.99 USD
221 pieces
Send up the drone to check out this awesome jet with dangerous blades, guns and loads of cool pirate
details. And beware — the Sky Shark could drop dynamite or rotten fish at any moment! Then convert
the drone into a jetpack for Lloyd and launch the Ninja hero into battle. Bring down the Sky Shark and
fight to free trapped Kai from the Djinn Blade!
Jay’s Elemental Dragon
$29.99 USD
350 pieces
Jump into the dragon’s saddle and grab the reins. Snap the jaws and adjust the head, wings, legs and
tail for awesome battle poses. Dodge Cyren’s harpoon hook shooter and the pirate flyer’s six-shooting rapid shooter. Fire the spring-loaded shooters to take down the flyer and then release Nya from
the Djinn Blade!
Raid Zeppelin
$29.99 USD
294 pieces
Swerve clear of the Zeppelin’s powerful cannons and dynamite dropped through the trap door. Fire the
flyer’s elemental ice stud shooters and board the airship. Face-off against the Doubloon and Clancee to grab the Djinn Blade and free your fellow ninja warrior Jay!
Tiger Widow Island
$49.99 USD
450 pieces
Mighty Dogshank is approaching carrying her huge anchor weapon. Fight back with Nya’s katana and
drop coconuts on Dogshank from the tower and Sensei Wu’s hot air balloon. Watch out for Sqiffy’s
pirate flyer and make the palm tree fall to knock him off the ladder. Hide out in the cave — and beware
of the giant venomous spider roaming the island! Defeat the pirate invaders and free trapped Lloyd
from the special Djinn Blade!
Misfortune’s Keep
754 pieces
The evil Djinn Nadakhan and the crew of Misfortune’s Keep are threatening to destroy Ninjago. Soar sky-high with Lloyd’s booster jet and operate the winch to lower Jay into battle. Beware of Misfort
une’s Keep’s hidden cannons, disc shooters and the pirate jet taking off from the launchpad. Can you help the Ninja to defeat Nadakhan and free trapped Wu from the golden Djinn Blade?

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