Opposites Attract with Furblets Fierce & Fabulous Two Pack

Paula Abdul famously sang (with MC Skat Cat) how opposites attract and apparently what’s true for people (and rapping cats) is also true for Furbies. You can now pick up a 2-pack of Furby best friends who couldn’t be more different with the  FURBY Furblets Fierce & Fabulous 2-Pack featuring May-May and Greenie-Meanie.

Available for pre-order on Amazon, the Furblets feature 45 tunes and Furbish phrases that fit perfectly with their unique personalities: sunny and cheerful for May-May, wicked and funny for Greenie-Meanie. Grow your Furblet flock and bring May-May and Greenie-Meanie wherever you go by clipping them to your backpack or travel bag. With their contrasting colors and temperaments, May-May and Greenie-Meanie prove that even opposites can be besties and are sold in a convenient two-pack for easy gifting to your BFF.

This Furblet 2-pack is priced at $19.99 and will be shipping later this Spring.

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