Who Do You Want in the Transformers Hall of Fame?

transformersEach year Hasbro asks fans for help with their inductees to the Transformers Hall of Fame. For the first time since 2010, we’re being asked to nominate for three different categories. These categories are:
• BEST COMBINER ROBOT (Fictional Robot Character)
A few…rules:
• This is the first time Hasbro is calling on their fans to induct real people into the Hall of Fame as a Fans’ Choice inductee.
• The Favorite Character category functions just like the general Fans’ Choice category did for the past 6 years, letting fans nominate whichever Transformers characters they’d like to see inducted that have not already been inducted. However, Combiners will not be considered for this category due to the Best Combiner category.
• No characters or people who have already been inducted will be considered for nomination. See the list below for the full list of awesome folks already in the Hall of Fame.
Fictional Character Inductees: Arcee* (2014),  Bumblebee (2010), Dinobot* (2010), Grimlock ( 2012), Ironhide (2011), Jazz (2012), Megatron (2010), Megatron – Beast Wars* (2013), Optimus Prime (2010), Ratchet (2011), Rodimus* (2014), Shockwave (2012), Soundwave (2011), Starscream ( 2010), Ultra Magnus* (2013), Waspinator* (2011), Wheeljack* (2012)
*indicates fan-voted inductee
Human Inductees:
·      Michael Bay (Class of 2011) – director of the Transformers film series.
·      Bob Budiansky (Class of 2010) – author of some of the most formative comic books in Transformers lore.
·      Stan Bush (Class of 2014) – writer and performer of “The Touch” and “Dare” from the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack.
·      Peter Cullen (Class of 2010) – iconic voice behind Autobot leader Optimus Prime.
·      Simon Furman (Class of 2012) – writer of several Transformers comics.
·      Yoke Hideaki (Class of 2010) – among the most prominent and influential designers of Transformers toys.
·      Chris Latta (Class of 2012) – voice of many original Transformers characters, including Starscream, Wheeljack, and Sparkplug Witwicky.
·      Kojin Ohno (Class of 2010) – designer of the first-ever Transformers toy.
·      Steven Spielberg (Class of 2011) – producer of the Transformers film series.
So this is your chance – leave a comment and have your voice heard!  I’ll submit the top suggestions to Hasbro and they’ll be in the running!

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