Toy Fair 2015 – Moose Toys

tf15-tnMy morning started with Moose Toys, who you might recongize as the makers of Trashies and this past year’s huge hit, Shopkins. 2015 brings the continuation of the Shopkins line as well as an expansion into new spaces, such as plush.

Trashies have retired, but have been replaced by a new collectible line, The Ugglys Pet Shop. Each pack include a few of these wacky dogs and even feature collectible poop. These follow the same pattern set by Trashies and Shopkins where each pack will include some mystery Ugglys. There are also Uggly ‘pet homes’ which feature electronic sounds that you can collect and connect to make a huge ‘a-bark-ment’ complex.

The final toy I checked out in the space were the ‘craftstuction’ toy Qixels. Inspired by 8bit graphics, kids can build their own sprites and with the power of water, make their builds permanent. There are both sets which let kids build a predetermined model and also those which let their imagination run wild. These were pretty cool, and surprisingly solid once they dried.

Check all these toys out in the gallery below.

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