AwesomeToyBlog Holiday Gift Guide Day 5 – Star Trek

AwesomeToyBlog Gift Guide IconAdmittedly things are pretty quiet for Star Trek as a property, but there’s still a ton of great merchandise for the Trekker in your life.

Since this is a toy site, let’s talk about some fantastic Star Trek toys available now. One of my favorite things available now are the Diamond Select Toys Star Trek starships. I reviewed the Star Trek VI Excelsior and loved it. Other ships available now include the Enterprise-B, the Enterprise-E, a super cool semi-cloaked Bird of Prey, and the refit Enterprise from Wrath of Khan. These all feature sounds and lights and tons of fun! The ships are generally around $60.

Another one of my favorite Star Trek items are perfectly priced at $20 – prop replica communicator badges from Quantum Mechanix. Two varieties are available – a Star Trek: The Next Generation one and a Star Trek: Voyager one. These have magnetic fasteners so they won’t damage you uniform – or regular clothes.

Leaving the world of toys, I’ll admit that I’m embarrassingly in love with the Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform hoodies. These are available in command red, science blue or operations gold and a Worf hoodie with his Klingon sash. These have a regular price of $60 (but at the time I’m writing this are on sale for $40).

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