AwesomeToyBlog Holiday Gift Guide Day 3 – Star Wars

AwesomeToyBlog Gift Guide IconStar Wars has been part of my Christmases for over 30 years, so it makes sense that this would be one of the early themes in my gift guide. I’ve made this one easy – gifts for kids and gifts for adults (aka bigger kids).

Gifts for Kids

I have a nephew who loves Star Wars, and over the holiday weekend I gave him a pair of Hasbro’s Star Wars Titans figures – Ezra and a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars Rebels series. He went nuts for these, particularly the Stormtrooper. The Titan figures are 12″ figures with basic accessories and are perfect for younger kids. The figures are large, study and have big, kid-friendly accessories. With characters from the prequels, original trilogy and the newest Star Wars series Rebels, there’s a wide range of characters to chose from. At around $10 a pop, these are easily found in stores everywhere.

Another gift perfect for kids are Hasbro’s roleplay lightsabers. With these cool toys, gone are the days of using the cardboard tube from wrapping paper. The newest, coolest saber is from Star Wars Rebels – the Inquisitor’s double bladed, spinning weapon. There are other sabers involved – basic ones which cost around ~$15 and electronic ones for about $25.  Of course if you’re picking up one of these, you should order two…then you can duel!

My final recommendation for kids is a DVD copy of the pilot movie for the Star Wars Rebels series. This double episode introduces you to the world of Rebels, set between trilogies. The series just keeps getting better and better and this movie’s the perfect way to get into the series.

Gifts for Adults

For the bigger kids I have three suggestions of perfect gifts.  If you’re looking for something small that looks great then I suggest one of QMx’s Star Wars keychains. I love them all, but there’s something special about the gold Millennium Falcon keychain…and it’s a steal at $15.

Also every fan should have the latest 6″ Star Wars Black figures. The most recent series, in stores now, includes Darth Vader, Chewbacca, a Jedi Luke and a Sandtrooper. At $20 a pop, these figures have great articulation and great details.  Darth Vader is my favorite figure yet and these are showing up everywhere, even Walgreens. No fan won’t love this figure.

Finally, if you’re looking to indulge the Star Wars fan in your life, you’ve got to check out Sideshow’s 1:6 scale figures. They offer lots of pre-orders, so be sure that you make sure the item is in-stock and ready to ship. My favorites include the Prototype Fett and the Wolfpack Clonetrooper. Sideshow figures are just top notch and will “Wow!” any collector! And if you’re looking to make a donation to your favorite blogger, I’d love to find a Proto Fett under my tree…he’s just so awesome.

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