AwesomeToyBlog Holiday Gift Guide Day 2 – Skylanders

AwesomeToyBlog Gift Guide IconThe Skylanders franchise continues to power on, and with this year’s release of Trap Team, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. In this new edition of the game you have the ability to trap the bad guys in store them in crystals (traptanium). Once you’ve defeated the villains you can them call them out of the traps and use them as playable characters. I was sent a copy of the game and had a great time with it….trapping the villains really brought something fresh to the game. Over the holiday weekend I gave my starter set to my nephew and he was so excited that I think he pretty much wanted to leave Thanksgiving dinner so he could get home and start playing.

The Skylanders Trap Team starter kit is required since the portal is all new to accomodate the traps. The starter kits are available for all major consoles, Nintendo 3DS and tablets. The 3DS and tablet versions of the game are firsts for Trap team. Starter kits run from about $50-$75, but I’d expect there to be lots a promotions over the holidays for these.

If you’re buying for someone who already has the starter kit, they’ve probably made it very clear which Sklyanders characters they want. Trap Masters, the larger figures run $15 with core characters being $10. Individual traps are also available and run about $6. As you can see there’s a ton of price points so you can really build a group of figures to hit your budget….from a stocking stuffer to a full bonanza of Skylanders.  One character I want to specifically call out is Winterfest Lob-Star – a holiday exclusive Sklyander that’ll become available December 12th.  This one is perfect for gifts since no one will have it before then!

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