Pokémon Community Aims to Catch 1M Pokémon to Fund Childhood Cancer Research

Catch a Million to Conquer Kids’ Cancer is a 7-day marathon in which Twitch streamers are challenged to catch a million Pokémon to fundraise for St. Baldrick’s Foundation. St. Baldrick’s is committed to funding the most promising childhood cancer research projects, regardless of location. The goal of $100,000 will fund research worldwide. Every streamer with an appreciation for Pokémon is welcome to participate in the Catch a Million event. 

During the event, a Twitch-integrated app tracks the Pokémon participating streamers capture during the fundraiser and updates CatchAMillion.com live. As long as streamers are live on Twitch (with the tracker), their captures will count toward the million-Pokémon goal.

Participants MUST register for the event on CatchAMillion to contribute towards the overall goal.

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