What I Opened Today: 2014 runDisney Vinylmation

rundisney tnLast Sunday I ran the inaugural Avengers Half marathon at DisneyLand, one of the runDisney events. runDisney holds a number of races throughout the year at both DisneyLand and DisneyWorld. Part of the race weekend was the race expo, which featured exclusive merchandise. Among the items I picked up was a 2014 runDisney vinylmation, which I’m finally getting around to opening.

Package Bio: There isn’t one.

Thoughts: The 2014 RunDisney Vinylmation is a blind boxed collectible with there being two colorways – a yellow runner Mickey and a green runner Mickey. The yellow Mickey has a pack ratio of 7/10 with the green runner Mickey being rarer at just 3/10 (but you could probably do the math one that one). The box clearly states “No refunds, exchanges or returns” so what you get is what you get.

The box is actually pretty nice, with the significant colors being white, blue and a mustard yellow. Parts of the printing (the runDisney logo, the Mickey Mouse) have a glossy sheet while other parts have a matte sheen. Of course at $15, one should expect some luxe finishes. The box also has art of both colorways, so even if you never open it, you have a great idea of what’s in the box.

Opening the box up, you find the figure in a foil bag printed with the Vinylmation logo and a repeated mantra of “no refunds, exchanges or returns”. I guess they mean it.

Naturally, I ended up with a yellow Mickey. The vinylmation does have joints at the neck and shoulders. The deco on my figure is perfect, lines are crisp and details are clear. One of my favorite details is that the bottom of the figure has the designer’s name – this runDisney vinyl was designed by artist Caley Hicks. Another neat feature is that the back of the figure features a white block where you can write your finish time for the race. For previous runDisney races the expo would offer miniature versions of the race medals for your vinylmations – which would let you deck each one out for each race you’ve run. Unfortunately they no longer offer these medals.

Summary: The 2014 runDisney vinylmation makes a perfect souvenir from my Avengers half marathon. I’m not a vinylmation collector, but I appreciate the creativity and unique designs that have been generated since their introduction in 2008. I’ll be running the Star Wars half in January, so we’ll see if I buy the 2015 runDisney vinylmation…

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