Factory Entertainment Producing ‘Game of Thrones’ Collectibles

Factory Entertainment today announced that they will be producing collectibles based on the HBO hit ‘Game of Thrones’. With a planned debut at Toy Fair, the planned product lines include:

  • Collector Plush –Direwolves, Dragons, Dragon Eggs and other creatures and characters in detailed collector plush form.
  • Throw Pillows – High quality decorative pillows bearing the sigils and mottos of the Great Houses of Westeros.
  • Prop Replicas – Iconic objects and costume elements replicated in exacting detail as quality limited editions.
  • Sculptural Miniatures – Scaled polystone sculptures of key castles, buildings and environments featured in the series.

Look for images of all the ‘Game of Thrones’ collectibles here on AwesomeToyBlog during our Toy Fair coverage, starting next Saturday!

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