What I Opened Today: Star Wars Black 6″ Sandtrooper

starwarsLast week my box of Star Wars Black Series Wave 5 finally arrived from Entertainment Earth. With all the trips I’ve made to Walgreens in the past month, I’ve been tempted by Jedi Luke and Chewbacca many, many times but I held out! Now that my order arrived, I’m giving each figure a once over. Yesterday was Darth Vader and today is Han’s best bud, Chewbacca.

Package Bio: Sandtroopers search Tatooine for R2-D2 and C-3PO who escaped from a rebel ship with the plans to the Death Star. The Troopers encounter the two droids in Mos Eilsely, but a Jedi mind trick fools them into letting the Droids go. “These aren’t the Droids we’re looking for.”

Thoughts: If you bought the first wave of Star Wars 6″ figures, you know exactly what to expect with this figure. This Sandtrooper is a repaint of the first Sandtrooper, but with the shoulder pauldron colored black instead of orange…I know, it’s not super exciting, but it’s better than a straight up repack of a figure. The figure is plenty good, and fortunately look good in multiples. The black pauldron (per Wookiepedia) signifies this new trooper is enlisted, the previously released orange trooper is a squad leader. If you’re looking to build your forces, this is the trooper you should be picking up, unless you want to have multiple chefs in the kitchen!

Summary: I’ll admit, I wrote about the Sandtrooper instead of Luke since I knew it would be short. Don’t mistake the brevity as an indication that the figure is sub-par, it isn’t. But it also isn’t super-interesting…it’s a straightforward repaint of a very good figure. The Sandtrooper along with the rest of his case pals were ordered from Entertainment Earth. And I bought one from Walgreens. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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