Hasbro’s SDCC 2014 Marvel Panel

SDCC 2014 logo bThe Hasbro Marvel panel was super packed – they didn’t waste any time and jumped right into the toys.

Super Hero Mashers:  Wave 1 2015 – Logan, Skaar, Juggernaut, Whiplash

Marvel Legends:  Having one of the most successful years of Legends. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Marvel, some October issues will feature Marvel Legends.

Avengers Wave 1: Machine Man, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel w/ Odin the All Father Build-a-figure. He will be able to swap Oden into King Thor with swappable parts.

Avengers Wave 2: Spider-Woman, Hellcat with BAF Thanos

Avengers Legends packaging has been done by Alex Maleev.

Other figures on tap: Avengers Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Agent Coulson, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl, Hobgoblin…also discussions on-going for a 2nd wave of Guardians of the Galaxy figures.

Marvel Infinite Series:  Black Cat, Bishop Big Time Spider-Man, Beast (90s), Sandman with swaps of grey Beast and all-sand Sandman

Wave 2 2015: Thunderstrike, Doc Ock, Colossus (Juggernaut version), Armored Daredevil, Vulture and Shanna and North Star

Back to Legends: Guardians of the Galaxy 6″ Team pack: Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Gamora, Drax

Also teased a Magik, Dormammu

And from the twitter fan vote – wave 1 and wave 2 3 3/4″ winners, Modern Gamora and Captain Marvel


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