Transformers Week: Generations Deluxe Crosshairs

transformersTransformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth Michael Bay directed Transformers cinematic outing, opened this past weekend to huge box office numbers. This week AwesomeToyBlog will take a daily look at one of the new toys in support of the film. Today’s entry is the Generations Deluxe class Crosshairs.

Bio: This Autobot paratrooper has a knack for catching his enemies by surprise, either by dropping in from above, or with a lightning-fast draw of his Sidearm Blasters.

Thoughts: I’m not entirely sure why the Autobots would need a paratrooper..I mean, it would make more sense just to equip him with a jetpack or something, right? Upon pulling Crosshairs out of his packaging you immediate see most of a car hanging off his back. In fact, the robot mode is very reminiscent of 2001’s  ‘Robots in Disguise”…considering that was the toy line that got me back into Transformers, I can’t hold the car on Crosshair’s back against him. Crosshairs is a black and green robot with silver details. He includes three weapons, his two “Sidearm Blasters” and one larger gun.

The Transformation from robot to car mode is pretty easy, in fact just tuck a few tabs into place and you’re done. Personally I like the return to simpler, intuitive transformations, but maybe Crosshairs is just a little too simple.  In car mode, Crosshairs is a green Corvette with black details. The car looks sharp and the finish on the plastic give it a nice shine.

Summary: Crosshairs has a great Corvette mode and a nice robot mode with most of a car on his back and a fairly easy Transfomation to get between the two modes. On his own, he’s a perfectly fine Transformer, but when compared to other Age of Extinction Generation Deluxes I’ve gotten my hands on (most notably Drift) Crosshairs feels a bit too simple and lacking. If I was itching for a Transformer, I’d get him..but I wouldn’t make a special trip to the store.

Thanks to Hasbro and the awesome guys at HunterPR for providing Crosshairs to AwesomeToyBlog. You’re the best!

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