New Pics of Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Minimates

dst-logo1Our friends over at Diamond Select Toys have sent over a new batch of images of the 56th series of Marvel Minimates, based on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie in theaters now.  This series of Minimates is available now at comic and specialty shop.  This series has 4 2-packs, Spider-Man and a Grinning Green Goblin, Battle Damaged Fireman hat wearing Spidey and metallic Electro, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy  and Alisair Smythe with Aleksei Sytsevich (the dude who becomes the Rhino).

Toys R Us (and will get a slightly different set of 4 packs, featuring a different face on the Goblin, a translucent Electro and an exclusive two-pack of pre-accident Max Dillon and Spider-Man.

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