What I Bought Today: Marvel Legends Black Widow

wibt tn Item: Black Widow Line: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends Manufacturer: Hasbro Store: Target Bio/Package Text: Former spy and deadly assassin Natasha Romanoff may have red in her ledger, but Black Widow plans to settle accounts.

Thoughts: Before I talk about the actual figure – what’s going on with that bio? Is Natasha a spy or does she work in the S.H.I.E.L.D. finance department?

Natasha includes a 2nd head with Avengers style hair, a second pair of hands, the Mandroid torso and Mandroid gun.   Once I opened her, I quickly found three shortcomings that, individually are not a big deal but add up to leave me just a little disappointed.

  1. She’s pretty tough to get standing, and she falls very easily. Black Widow will need both a stand and FunTak in the long term.
  2. When standing she’s also permanently looking down at the ground…have some pride in yourself Black Widow! She does a little better with her Avengers head on.
  3. Where are her guns? Oh – they’re sculpted as part of the holsters on her legs. That sucks – Hasbro makes some incredible little guns that fit in little holsters, would have loved to see them here. Instead, I have to dig around and find some other guns, or maybe I should just follow the bio and find her a financial calculator.

The figure’s still very good, and is a great compliment to the other Marvel Movie Legends figures (bonus points for the Avengers head!) – I just wish it was a tiny bit better. Enjoy the pic below, I’ve got to dig around the parts bin and find some guns for Natasha to hold.


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